Research on the Practice of Teaching Auto Selective Course While China Stepping into Automobile Society

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With China’s rapid evolution into car society, environmental and social problems with traffic in the city are concerned by people. For lack of car culture in China in compared with U.S., it has practical significance to publicize and popularize the knowledge of car among the undergraduate students major in non-vehicle engineering. These subsistent problems were analyzed and discussed, the author put forward some countermeasure and advices, and also the selective course “car and her culture” for students, which intended to educate them about the negative impact of cars on quality of life and on the environment. According to the objective need combined years of teaching experience, the authors present the main teaching contents and ideas, programs of instruction and innovated teaching mode of this course. Then lists out the teaching guidelines, put it into teaching practice by means of multimedia, internet and campus car culture festival etc. It has obtained good teaching and practice effect. Meanwhile, it can enhance the students learn cars comprehensive knowledge and broaden their horizons.


Car society Car culture Selective course Education 


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