Path Selection for Practice Teaching of Law in Institutions of Higher Learning

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Law education is a type of vocational education, so practice teaching link must be adopted correctly. In recent years, practice teaching of law in our institutions of higher learning has been paid more attention and some good achievements have been obtained, but there are still so many problems. To bring practice teaching into full play in law education, teaching concept must be changed on the basis of present condition of law education: a reasonable curriculum system for practice teaching must be set up, practice teaching mode of law applicable to Chinese actual conditions must be created and quantification index in the light of each practice teaching link must be concretely worked out. By using information technology, management system for practice teaching of law shall be perfected and scientific assessment evaluation system shall be formulated; practical ability of teachers from institutions of higher learning shall be enhanced to provide practice teaching with qualified teaching faculty.


Law education Practice teaching Path selection 



The thesis is a result of staged research of education and scientific research project of Jilin Province Education and Scientific Research Leading Group “Research on Building and Operation of Practice Teaching of Undergraduate Law Education in the Provincial Institutions of Higher Learning” (Project No. GH12063) and a research result of major teaching and research project of Beihua University “research on practice teaching of law”.


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