University Students’ Humanity Quality Education of Tai Ji Quan to Cultivate Influence

  • Ji Qiang
  • Dong YanLing
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 269)


The right panel drawing direction is an important prerequisite for generating qualified parts, an important step before the panel forming simulation is to determine the reasonable direction of the drawing. Manually adjust parts in order to overcome rely on experience, the drawbacks to the drawing direction, the direction of the drawing punch and forming the contact area of the sheet as the goal of automatic determination algorithm. Objective function of the direction of the drawing for the variable contact area in the drawing direction of the feasible region, the use of heritage algorithms to optimize the objective function of the contact area and, ultimately feasible within the contact area corresponding to the drawing direction, that is the best drawing direction. The measured results show that the direction of the drawing based on genetic algorithm, the automatic algorithm can fast and accurate to obtain the optimal direction of drawing.


Humanistic quality Cultivate Tai Ji Quan education 


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