The Exploration of Higher Undergraduate Education Mode Based on University-Enterprise Cooperation

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In recent years, with the rapid development of higher undergraduate education, China has begun to enter the period of education popularization. The undergraduate students have lost the previous pride. The current situation that graduates are difficult to meet the requirements of enterprises has become a growing concern in the current society. More and more people have the requirement of higher undergraduate education reform. It is the inevitable requirement for exploring the reason of the said problem and promoting China’s higher undergraduate education healthily to study the current higher undergraduate education mode and the graduates’ employability. Based on the research of status quo of undergraduate students and with reference to the current solutions, paper proposes higher undergraduate education mode based on the cooperation of universities and enterprises, which can make modern higher undergraduate education more adapted to the modern society.


Undergraduate education Specialist college education Closed-loop Education Employability 



This paper is sponsored by the special funding of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education for joint projects with North China Electric Power University of 2012 and the authors also would like to acknowledge the supports by Chinese National Nature Science Foundation of China (No.71271085) and Beijing Twelfth Five Year Plan Project of philosophy and social sciences (No.12JGB044).


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