Enterprise Development with P Systems

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Enterprises are both an emerging force in national reform and a major force in its future economic development. The professors in China and on abroad have do much research on enterprise development and put forward lots of valuable theories. P systems have been proposed for about 14 years, and its applications refer to numbers of areas. However, to investigate the survival and development of firms in the aspect of P systems is rarely. In this study, it makes analysis on the survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in an aspect of bionics, trying to find out the origin which makes the enterprise exuberant and everlasting. Have the enterprises compare to biological cells and construct a membrane framework in order to interpret an enterprise’s survival. At the same time it also highlights the irreplaceable role of enterprise DNA in the inheritance of the enterprise entity.


Enterprise cell Enterprise DNA P systems Bionics 



This paper was finally supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (61170038), Shandong Province Natural Science Foundation (ZR2011FM001), Humanities and Social Sciences Project of Ministry of Education (12YJA630152), Shandong Province Social Science Foundation (11CGLJ22), Project of Shandong Province Higher Educational Science and Technology Program (J12LN22).


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  1. 1.Management Science and EngineeringShandong Normal UniversityShandongChina

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