Planting, Regeneration, Aftercare and Maintenance

  • Panna Ram Siyag


Planting of nursery-raised seedlings is an indispensable part of afforestation work in arid and semiarid areas. Low level of moisture and adverse climatic factors necessitate that the tender seedlings be cared for and watered, at least for a period till their root system is of sufficient size to gather moisture from arid soils. The quality of planting work is of vital importance. Poor planting work will not only render all the work that has gone in preparation of the site infructuous, but will also result in wasting of seedlings. Correct timing, proper technique, and appropriate follow-up operations are essential ingredients of a successful planting strategy. Constant watch and care of a plantation is what ultimately decides its fate. Being a living thing, it cannot be left to itself. If any kind of damage is done to it, an irrecoverable loss may be incurred. It will never be possible to make good that loss, since growth of plants is a time-dependent process—time once lost will never be regained. In short, care and maintenance of plants cannot be overemphasised.


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