The Role and Place of Migration and Diaspora’s Policy in Bilateral Relations Between Kazakhstan and Germany

  • Kamilla Sheryazdanova
Conference paper
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The important priority for Kazakhstan is strengthening of originality of all ethnic groups, equitable development of all ethnic groups. The state plays a great role in ensuring of equality of interests.

The modern state becomes a center of public institutions, connecting together the personality, social preferences and their realization.

Special place in bilateral relations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Federal Republic of Germany is taken by German diaspora in Kazakhstan and about one million of emigrants from Kazakhstan to the Federal Republic of Germany.

History of the German diaspora in Kazakhstan has more than 200 years. The German diaspora of Kazakhstan, formed for this period, has generated a variety of particularities, presented both historical and theoretical interest.


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  1. 1.External Policy and Diplomacy Department, Institute of DiplomacyAcademy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of KazakhstanAstanaKazakhstan

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