The Nineteenth Chapter

  • Gretchen E. Minton
Part of the Studies in Early Modern Religious Tradition, Culture and Society book series (SERR, volume 6)


Now followeth in course the convenient praise of thanksgiving unto God for righteously condemning the blasphemous church of antichrist and for graciously avenging the innocent blood of his true servants. Here are two manner of peoples to be considered, of whom the one is sorrowful, the other rejoiceth, and all about one matter. The fall of this malignant church is to the one sort a discomfort, to the other an heavenly comfort. The kings, the merchants, and the ship-governors of the earth most dolorously lamenteth the destruction of their mad vanities. The unregarded or forsaken number of those simple souls that faithfully believed in Christ are highly glad of it for his glory’s sake. About this one decay cryeth the one sort ‘Woe, woe, woe!’, the other sort singing joyfully in their hearts unto God so oft-times ‘Hallelujah!’ So much differeth the one from the other, the children of darkness from the children of light, they that seek their own glory from them that seek the glory of God. Not unlike is John unto Haggai, Zechariah, and other holy prophets which both showed afore of the people’s return from the miserable captivity of the Babylonians, and also the re-edifying again of their new Jerusalem—for here hath he first showed the destruction and fall of the damnable whore, the spiritual Babylon, which many years hath greviously vexed the people of God, and now in this chapter their peaceable time in the Lord. Now are the precious vessels of God like to be restored into the temple, the great Belshazzar of Rome once overthrown. Now shall the sweet peace grow, the plenteous quiet increase, the pastures of the Lord wax fat, and the mighty verity of his word flow like a sweet-running flood.


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