The Framework of Information Processing Network for Supply Chain Innovation in Big Data Era

  • Chian-Hsueng ChaoEmail author
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The challenges of the global marketplace and the growing complexity of business philosophies and technologies mix, the enterprises are forced to utilize knowledge, capabilities, and resources to be found within and outside their information processing networks. The enterprises are demanding more than just access to data, they want processed and refined big data and information to help them to reach more responsive and effective tactical decisions. Under this paradigm shift, data and information-oriented productivity depends on the sharing of knowledge and skills among workers, so that enterprise strategies can be driven by the collective intelligence and competence of the group to face business challenges and enable organizational learning and innovations. In the cloud computing and big data era, management of enterprise knowledge to create business values and competitive advantages is especially important for supply chain practices. This paper focuses on the development of enterprise information processing network and application framework that bind organizational strategies, business processes, data, information, technologies, and people together to better utilize knowledge in business practices. The ultimate goal is the transformation of an enterprise network into a knowledge network for supply chain organic innovations!


Information processing network Knowledge management Supply chain management Big data analytics 


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