Wireless Security Analysis Using WarDrive Investigation in Kaohsiung Areas

  • Hanwei HsiaoEmail author
  • Tienhe Chang
  • ChihChe Chang
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With the rapid developments in wireless LAN (WLAN), all types of mobile internet applications and the number of its users get the fast growing. This phenomenon is more obvious in metropolitan areas, and the respondent wireless internet security problems are getting worse. This study would like to look into the WLAN security problems in Kaohsiung metropolitan areas using the wardriving technique, and collects the detailed data of WLAN Access Points (WLAN APs), especially including the items of encryption or not, the types of encryption, the Service Set Identifier (SSIDs), and the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) to show the correlated wireless LAN security issues. These data will be compared to the related ones of others countries for offering the objective comparisons in WLAN security. In this study, we also randomly grabbed 227 wireless WPA/WPA2 encryption packets and analyzed its passwords strength by GPU technique, and the 56.24 % are the simple passwords and easily cracked by malicious behaviors which show that another worthy issue of the WLAN in Kaohsiung metropolitan areas. This study show the data and issues of WLAN security empirically which offers relatively security statistical data for further research and promotes the secure awareness of wireless internet users.


Wireless security Wardrive Passwords Encryption Wireless network 


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