A Robust Face Detection System for 3D Display System

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Face detection is a kind of extremely useful technology in many areas, such as security surveillance, electronic commerce and human–computer interaction and so on. Face detection can be viewed as a two-class classification problem in which an image region can be classified as being a “face” or “non-face”. Detection and locating the position of the observers’ face exactly play a critical role in stereoscopic display system. Accuracy, speed and stability are some main standards to evaluate an object-tracking system. The face detection system presented in the paper with classifiers trained by AdaBoost algorithm can meet the specific requirements of stereoscopic display in detecting speed, accuracy and stability. After accurate face detection, we utilize a certain method to detect the pupil in the area of face which is obtained in the above process. At last, the active 3D display equipment will project corresponding images of the same scene to users’ pupil respectively to make sure the viewer can obtain the sense of depth. According to the experimental results, this system is highly accurate, stable and users can get well experience through this 3D display system.


Face detection 3D display AdaBoost 



The project was supported by the program (Grant No. AHJ2011Z001).


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