Radiative Natural Supersymmetry with Mixed Axion/Higgsino Cold Dark Matter

  • Howard Baer
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 148)


Models of natural supersymmetry seek to solve the little hierarchy problem by positing a spectrum of light higgsinos \( <\sim 200 \) GeV and light top squarks \( <\sim 500 \) GeV along with very heavy squarks and TeV-scale gluinos. Such models have low electroweak finetuning and are safe from LHC searches. However, in the context of the MSSM, they predict too low a value of m h and the relic density of thermally produced higgsino-like WIMPs falls well below dark matter (DM) measurements. Allowing for high scale soft SUSY breaking Higgs mass m H u > m 0 leads to natural cancellations during RG running, and to radiatively induced low finetuning at the electroweak scale. This model of radiative natural SUSY (RNS), with large mixing in the top squark sector, allows for finetuning at the 5–10 % level with TeV-scale top squarks and a 125 GeV light Higgs scalar h. If the strong CP problem is solved via the PQ mechanism, then we expect an axion-higgsino admixture of dark matter, where either or both the DM particles might be directly detected.


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 I thank my collaborators Vernon Barger, P. Huang, A. Lessa, D. Mickelson, A. Mustafayev, S. Rajagopalan, W. Sreethawong and X. Tata. HB would like to thank the Center for Theoretical Underground Physics (CETUP) for hospitality while this work was completed. This work was supported in part by the US Department of Energy, Office of High Energy Physics.


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