From Research-Implicit to Research-Enhanced Teaching: A Geoscience Perspective

  • Vincent C. H. Tong
Part of the Innovations in Science Education and Technology book series (ISET, volume 20)


The relationship between research and teaching has long been the subject of an ideological debate in higher education. As two of the most recognised functions of universities, how research and teaching are developed and valued varies significantly between institutions. Differences in institutional approaches reflect not only the influence of local factors such as missions, leadership and resources available but also the effects of national educational policies as well as evolving global trends in higher education. Despite these differences, it is not uncommon for universities with contrasting levels of intensity in academic research all showing their commitment to the research-teaching nexus. Studying how faculty and teaching staff bring research and teaching together is important for locating where this nexus is actually rooted. These investigations are also useful in providing evidence for developing and improving synergy between research and teaching. Apart from having philosophical discussions and institutional commitments with regard to the research-teaching nexus, the importance of understanding how it is enacted in practice cannot be overstated.


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