Eco-Ethica After Fukushima in Japan

  • Noriko Hashimoto
Part of the Contemporary Philosophy: A New Survey book series (COPH, volume 11)


Eco-ethica was presented by Tomonobu Imamichi (1922–2012) in 1965. In 1981, he created a research team on Eco-ethica, which, for the past 6 years has been under the aegis of Peter Kemp and has met at international symposia. Eco-ethica is the new ethics for the technological environment (technological conjuncture). We have developed ideas for “the New World Order”: “Cosmopolitanism”. We must rethink “What is eco-ethica?” After Fukushima, we must recognize that not only is Nature out of our control, so is technology. The huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami destroyed not only Fukushima’s nuclear facilities but the traditional relationship between human beings. The idea of promoting peace through atomic energy and safety through technology must be changed. After Fukushima, I am sure that the minds of the Japanese people have changed. They are trying to re-conceive human relations by living with compassion and sympathy with others as a World Citizen. In this situation, I am trying to re-conceive Eco-ethica for future generations.


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