Mutual Authentication Scheme for Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is known as one of the big next things in Information Communication Technology world. Cloud computing offers a lot of cost and efficiency benefits to the business, but it also introduce significant security vulnerabilities. Data security always becomes a big concern whenever customers lose physical control on their data. Sensitive data processed outside the enterprise need to be assurance that they are only accessible and propagate to the privileged users. In this paper, we proposed a mutual authentication that allow cloud user and cloud remote server to authenticate each other as we believed it is crucial to protect not only the server but also the legitimate users from security threats. Unlike one way authentication, in mutual authentication, client must proves its identity to server and the server must proves its identity to client before any access have been granted or any application traffic is sent over the client–server connection.


Cloud computing Mutual authentication Cloud data security Cloud authentication 



This work was supported in part by the Dongseo Frontier 2009 and was supported by a research program of Dongseo University’s Ubiquitous Appliance Regional Innovation Center supported by the grants from Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Korean government and Busan Metropolitan City(No. B0008352).


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