Trajectories of Colloidal Particles in Laser Fields with Eight-, Ten-, or Twelve-Fold Symmetry and Phasonic Drift

  • Matthias SandbrinkEmail author
  • Michael Schmiedeberg
Conference paper


Quasicrystals are structures with long range order but no translational symmetry. Besides phonons, quasicrystals posses additional hydrodynamic modes called phasons. In a recent article (Kromer et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 108:218301, 2012), the trajectories of colloidal particles in a laser field with decagonal symmetry were studied when the phasonic displacement was changed. Here we generalize the results to laser fields with eight- and twelve-fold symmetry. In principle, the method can also be used to predict collective rearrangements of atoms due to phasons in intrinsic quasicrystalline systems.


Quasicrystals Phasons Colloids 



We thank J. Kromer, J. Roth, and H. Stark for helpful discussions and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft for financial support (Schm 2657/2 and Ro 924/5).


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