Time Policies in Italy: The Case of the Middle Adriatic Regions

  • Raffaella RadocciaEmail author
Part of the Urban and Landscape Perspectives book series (URBANLAND, volume 15)


In the framework of the Italian regulation on territorial services, this contribution describes how Puglia Region and Abruzzo Region, by means of specific regional laws, support their municipalities in the design of urban time plans and in time-oriented policies. This chapter, moreover, demonstrates how these regions make use not only of a time-oriented regulatory framework but also of rules and norms concerning the improvement of quality of life in the cities and the accessibility of territorial facilities. In general, regional regulations on time and space in Italy are coherent with the European programmatic lines on issues of local development and social cohesion. Namely, Puglia and Abruzzo seem to be on the way of promoting a specific reform of territorial welfare, through integrated actions of time policies, urban policies and social policies, with the use of innovative and participatory instruments.


Urban time policies Urban time planning Europe Regional and urban law Regulation Urban welfare Italy Abruzzo Puglia 


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