Sustainability and Sustainable Livelihoods

  • Stephen Morse
  • Nora McNamara


Sustainability is one of the defining words of our age. It implies a sense of longevity—something that will last well into the future—and as a consequence it implies a resilience to the turbulence of our politics, economic systems and environmental change that seems to be so embedded within our world. These are powerful ideas. Who wouldn’t want to make sure that our generation doesn’t despoil the planet for future generations? Who would want to cheat on their kids? Even the most diehard climate change sceptic would hardly wish to destroy the habitability of the planet. Their issue is much more with the evidence that underpins claims that climate change is ‘real’ than it is with the central ethic that making the world inhabitable for human beings is undesirable. Given that sustainability means continuation into the future then it is perhaps no surprise that it has been around as long as the human race has been able to think about the future.


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