• R. Kenneth Horst

PANSY (Viola tricolor)

  • Anthracnose. Colletotrichum violae-tricoloris, ME to FL, IN, MI, PA, WA.

  • Blight, Gray Mold. Botrytis cinerea, AK, LA, NJ, probably general.

  • Blight, Southern. Sclerotium rolfsii, FL, VA.

  • Damping-Off; Root Rot. Pythium spp., CA, CT, MO, NJ; Rhizoctonia solani, DE, IL, MN, NY.

  • Downy Mildew. Peronospora violae, AL, IL, MS, NE.

  • Leaf Spot. Alternaria violae, NJ, NY, PA; Cercospora violae, CT, IN, MI, NY, TX, WI; Phyllosticta rafinesquii, AL, IL; Ramularia agrestis, OR; R. lactea, WA.

  • Nematode, Root Knot. Meloidogyne sp., NY, TX.

  • Powdery Mildew. Sphaerotheca macularis, IA, KS, WA.

  • Rot; Crown. Myrothecium roridum, AL.

  • Rot; Leaf Spot. Centrospora acerina, CA, GA.

  • Rot, Root; Wilt. Aphanomyces cladogamus, MD; Fusarium oxysporum, CT, MI, NE, NJ, NY, OH, TX; Thielaviopsis basicola (Chalara elegans), CT.

  • Rust. Puccinia ellisiana (0, I), KS, NE; II, III on Andropogon; P. violae (0, I, II, III), CT, FL, KS, NJ, ND, SC; Uromyces andropogonis (0, I), CT; II, III on Andropogon.

  • Smut...


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