• R. Kenneth Horst

TABEBUIA (Trumpet-Tree)

  • Rust. Prospodium plagiopus (II, III), FL.


  • Leaf Spot. Gloeosporium tabernaemontanae, FL.

  • Leaf Spot, Algal; Green Scurf. Cephaleuros virescens, FL.

  • Leaf Mold. Cladosporium sp., FL.

  • Rot, Mushroom Root. Clitocybe tabescens, FL.

  • Rust. Uredo manilensis, FL.

TAMARIND (Tamarindus)

  • Nematode, Root Knot. Meloidogyne sp., FL.


  • Bacterial Blight. Fatal to some plants in AZ, NM, TX, where the host has become a noxious weed.

  • Powdery Mildew. Sphaerotheca macularis, IN.

  • Rot, Root. Phymatotrichum omnivorum, CA, TX.

  • Rot, Wood. Polyporus sulphureus, MD.

TEA (Thea sinensis)

  • Blight, Twig. Pestalotia guepini, also leaf spot, SC.

  • Leaf Spot, Algal; Green Scurf. Cephaleuros virescens, FL, SC.

  • Spot Anthracnose; Scab. Sphaceloma sp., LA; Elsinoë leucospila, FL.


  • Spot Anthracnose. Elsinoë leucospila, FL.

THUJOPSIS (Hiba Arborvitae)

  • Blight, Twig. Phomopsis occulta, CA.

THUNBERGIA (Clockvine)

  • Bacterial Crown Gall. Agrobac...


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