• R. Kenneth Horst


  • Rust. Puccinia punctiformis, MD.

  • Smut, Biological Control. Microbotryum silybum, MD.

TOMATILLO (Physalis)

  • Smut, Leaf. Entyloma austral.

  • Virus. Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl, Guatemala, Sinaloa, Mexico; Tomato Spotted Wilt, CA, Mexico.

TOMATO (Lycopersicon)

  • Anthracnose. Glomerella phomoides (Colletotrichum coccodes), chiefly ripe rot of fruit, sometimes on leaves, general, especially in Northeast; Colletotrichum dematium var. truncata, MS; C. graminicola, MS; C. trichellum, MS; C. glycines, MS; C. gossypii, MS.

  • Bacterial Blight. Pseudomonas viridiflava, FL; P. huttiensis, FL.

  • Bacterial Canker. Clavibacter michiganense, birds-eye spot, general, most frequent in North and West, Baja, Mexico.

  • Bacterial Crown Gall. Agrobacterium tumefaciens; in experiments, A. rhizogenes, hairy root.

  • Bacterial, MLO. Aster Yellows; Tomato Big Bud, NY.

  • Bacterial, Pith Rot. Erwinia chrysanthemi, MA; Pseudomonas corrugata, CA, FL, LA, MA; also Stem necrosis, FL, Mexico.

  • Bacterial,...


Powdery Mildew Downy Mildew Leaf Spot Botrytis Cinerea Rhizoctonia Solani 
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