The Design and Implementation of Improved Anti-Collision Algorithm for Vehicle User Authentication System

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Dazzling development of the automotive industry as a new system for the driver’s convenience and security are being applied to the vehicle. In vehicle access and start-up that occurs most frequently before and after the operation of the vehicle, continually raised the needs of the customers for inconvenience related to user authentication as to compensate for the user’s convenience and improve the security of the vehicle, the smart-key system for the vehicle have emerged, Because many of the FOB key, anti-collision algorithm for a seamless multi-access is applied to the smart-key system. In this paper, we have designed and implemented improved anti-collision algorithm that dramatically reduces the communication response time required in the user authentication process immediately after by dynamically changing the order in which the request of the user ID as the user ID on immediately before in the smart key system for vehicles that use many of the FOB key. In order to evaluate the performance of the system the improved anti-collision algorithm is applied, we show the behavior of the algorithm implemented in the state actually mounted on the vehicle and verify that communication response time required for many of the FOB key was reduced by about 33 % compared to existing algorithms.


Auto-ID Smart key system Multi-access mode Anti-collision algorithm RFID 


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  1. 1.Department of Electronic EngineeringInha UniversityInchonSouth Korea

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