An Improved Forward Secure Elliptic Curve Signcryption Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

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The concept of forward secrecy is extended to wireless sensor networks where it is frequent that nodes run out of energy and new nodes join the network. However it should not be able to retrieve the previous session key or some crucial information. In 2011 Hagras et al. proposed a key management scheme for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks, which satisfies confidentiality, authentication, integrity and unforgetability but lacks forward secrecy. In this paper, the shortcomings of the victim scheme has been extricated and repaired with the help of Elliptic Curve Discrete logarithm problem (ECDLP). An elliptic curve based signcryption key management scheme has been proposed which includes forward secrecy.


Signcryption Key management Forward secrecy Wireless sensor networks 


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  1. 1.Computer Science and Engineering DepartmentThapar UniversityPatialaIndia

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