Development of Knocking Identification and Engine Balance Correction Algorithms for CRDI Engine Electronic Control Unit

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 214)


In order to apply CRDI engine as an industrial engine which can satisfy the criteria of emission control law recently reinforced domestically and internationally, it is intended to develop an engine control algorithm that can control the ECU for injection timing and injection volume at users discretion which used be done only by manufacturer, and use it for the purpose of test and evaluation of engine performance improvement and the reduction of emission gas. In order to develop such emulator dedicated to CRDI diesel engine, an efficient solution to improve fuel-efficiency and reduce the emission of harmful gas was suggested through detecting diesel knocking using the operating principles of CKP and CMP among the input elements of CRDI engine control ECU and proposing a design methodology for engine balance adjustment algorithm.


Common Rail Direct Injection Camshaft Position Sensor: TDC Crankshaft Position Sensor Knocking 



This work (Grants No. 00045753) was supported by Business for Academic-industrial Cooperative establishments funded Korea Small and Medium Business Administration in 2011.


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