Climate Change Science: A Modern Synthesis

pp 469-486


Rebuttals to Climate Myths

  • G. Thomas FarmerAffiliated withFarmer Enterprises
  • , John CookAffiliated withSchool of Psychology, The University of Queensland

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Virtually all climate misinformation can be divided into five categories: fake experts, cherry picking, logical fallacies, impossible expectations and conspiracy theories. The most common climate myths are grouped into these five categories, examining the rhetorical techniques employed to mislead and explaining the science that puts the myths in proper context.


Climate denial Fake experts Petition Project Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine Scientific consensus Climate sensitivity Richard Lindzen Cherry picking Total heat content Planetary energy imbalance 1998 HadCRUT Hockey stick Paleoclimate Solar activity Atmospheric CO2 Carbon cycle Ice age Non sequitor Past climate change CO2 lag Ice cores Feedback False dilemma 1970s Trace gas Greenhouse effect Climate ­models James Hansen Settled science Uncertainty Conspiracy theories Climategate Mike’s trick Hide the decline Kevin Trenberth Missing heat