Control of Iron Metabolism in Bacteria

Part of the Metal Ions in Life Sciences book series (MILS, volume 12)


Bacteria depend upon iron as a vital cofactor that enables a wide range of key metabolic activities. Bacteria must therefore ensure a balanced supply of this essential metal. To do so, they invest considerable resourse into its acquisition and employ elaborate control mechanisms to eleviate both iron-induced toxitiy as well as iron deficiency. This chapter describes the processes that bacteria engage in maintaining iron homeostasis. The focus is Escherichia coli, as this bacterium provides a well studied example. A summary of the current status of understanding of iron management at the ‘omics’ level is also presented.


ferritin Fur iron regulation iron transport metallome metalloproteome RyhB 



ATP-binding cassette


adenosine 5¢-triphosphate


Bfr-associated ferredoxin




DNA-binding protein from starved cells


diphteria toxin regulator


extracytoplasmic function


electron paramagnetic resonance


ferric binding protein




ferric uptake regulation protein


guanosine 5¢-diphosphate


guanosine 5¢-triphosphate


histone-like nucleoid structuring protein


inner membrane


iron-regulated transporter


iron-regulated surface determinant




NEAr (iron) transporter


natural resistance-associated macrophage protein


non-ribosomal peptide synthetase




ribonucleotide reductase


superoxide dismutase


small regulatory RNA


twin arginine translocation


tricarboxylic acid cycle


transferrin-binding protein


ZRT,IRT-like proteins


zinc-regulated transporters



We thank the University of Reading, Diamond Light Source Ltd, the Felix Foundation, the Egyptian Government, and the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research for studentship funding.


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