Bayesian Argumentation

Volume 362 of the series Synthese Library pp 185-193


On Argument Strength

  • Niki PfeiferAffiliated withMunich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Email author 

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Everyday life reasoning and argumentation is defeasible and uncertain. I present a probability logic framework to rationally reconstruct everyday life reasoning and argumentation. Coherence in the sense of de Finetti is used as the basic rationality norm. I discuss two basic classes of approaches to construct measures of argument strength. The first class imposes a probabilistic relation between the premises and the conclusion. The second class imposes a deductive relation. I argue for the second class, as the first class is problematic if the arguments involve conditionals. I present a measure of argument strength that allows for dealing explicitly with uncertain conditionals in the premise set.