High-Speed Laser Diagnostics for the Investigation of Cycle-to-Cycle Variations of IC Engine Processes

  • S. H. R. Müller
  • B. BöhmEmail author
  • A. Dreizler
Part of the Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (FMIA, volume 1581)


The work presented in this report was conducted within the Collaborative Research Center 568 funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft over a period of eleven years. The aim of project T4 was the transfer of laser based measurement techniques, which were used and improved in the context of stationary gas turbine combustion, to the investigation of intermittent processes in internal combustion (IC) engines. The focus was on cycle-to-cycle fluctuations as they appear in recent direct injection IC engines. High-speed measurement techniques were applied to investigate the temporal evolution of the in-cylinder flow, fuel distribution and flame propagation. Charge motion was investigated by particle image velocimetry (PIV) and spray by imaging of Mie-scattering. Mixture distribution was captured qualitatively by means of planar laser induced fluorescence (PLIF) of a fluorescing fuel. OH-PLIF was used to investigate the development of the early flame kernel and turbulent flame propagation.


High-speed laser diagnostics Particle image velocimetry (PIV) Laser induced fluorescence (PLIF) Direct injection engine Cycle-to-cycle variation 



The authors acknowledge the financial support from Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft (DFG) through the SFB 568.


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  2. 2.Institute for Energy and Powerplant Technology, Department of Mechanical and Processing EngineeringTechnische Universität DarmstadtDarmstadtGermany

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