Reliability and Efficiency Improvement for Trust Management Model in VANETs

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In VANETs, how to determine the trustworthiness of event messages has received a great deal of attentions in recent years for improving the safety and location privacy of vehicles. Among these research studies, the accuracy and delay of trustworthiness decision are both important problems. In this paper, we propose a road-side unit (RSU) and beacon-based trust management model, called RaBTM, which aims to prorogate message opinions quickly while thwart internal attackers to send or forwarding forged messages in privacy-enhanced VANETs. To evaluate the reliability and efficiency of the proposed system, we conducted a set of simulations under alteration attacks and bogus message attacks with various adversary ratios. The simulation results show that the proposed RaBTM is highly resilient to adversarial attacks and performs at least 20% better than weighted vote (WV) scheme.


VANET RSU-aided Trust Safety 


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  2. 2.Telecommunication LaboratoriesChunghwa Telecom Co., LtdTaoyuanTaiwan, R.O.C

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