Design and Implementation of Open Middleware System

For Interactive TV Service by Extending Mobile Android Platform
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As the development of digital broadcasting technologies introduced a new computing platform which utilizes the potential of increasing digital multimedia contents, the software platform for this digital broadcasting infrastructure was expected to open up a new eco-system called interactive TV service. However, despite of successful early-stage development and standardization, the existing interactive TV technologies were not able to form a unified, globally interoperable eco-system lacking the critical mass of popularity from the industry. This research and development work analyzes the limitations of existing interactive TV specifications and provides a new system architecture which seamlessly merges the interactive TV functionality with mobile software platform. As a case study of the suggested converged software architecture, the mobile Android system is analyzed and extended with digital broadcasting functionalities to be a next generation interface TV software platform which makes the interactive TV as an interoperable service with mobile smart phone eco-system.


Interactive TV Digital Broadcasting Middleware Android 


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