• Dorion Cairns
  • Lester Embree
Part of the Phaenomenologica book series (PHAE, volume 207)


Acts are not separate or independent things within the stream of mental life and concretely occurs with antecedent, simultaneous, and subsequent acts. Each act includes an expectancy of the future stream in which the same thing will be given if the expectancy is not frustrated. And the seen has how the same can under specified circumstances be touched, heard, etc. in its horizon. “Horizon” is not the border line between land and sky usually referred to, but rather a zone or area of potential givenness in the future determined by the past. The horizon includes also what is cointended with an object, the awareness and the recollecting of it included. The full sense of an intended object correlates with many acts, as is the full sense of any determination of it. Phantasy helps explore these horizons.


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