Effusive and Explosive Complexes of the Noril’sk Region

  • V. V. Ryabov
  • A. Ya. Shevko
  • M. P. Gora
Part of the Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences book series (MASE, volume 3)


Among the “large igneous provinces” of the world, the Siberian Traps province had been, from the geological standpoint, one of the most extensively studied regions as long ago as by the 1970s of the last century. The principle of tectonomagmatic recurrence laid the foundation for the unified stratigraphic scheme of partioning the volcanogenic series. Such recurrence is represented by rhythmic alternation of pyroclastic and effusive rocks in the volcanogenic sequence. Five tectonomagmatic cycles (phases) are distinguished, all rocks derived from these cycles being of regional occurrence. The most complete volcanogenic sequence is in the Noril’sk Region. In Sects. 2.1, 2.2 and 2.13, the general characteristics of flood basalts, the structure of lava flows, the mineralogical and petrographic characteristic of flood basalts, and the mineralogical, petrographic, and petrochemical description of rocks from 11 suits of the volcanogenic sequence are given. Section 2.14 is concerned with the description of nine marker horizons of basalt flows, which are characterized by great thickness (up to 120 m) and can be traced over the entire basalt field of the Platform. Section 2.15 is aimed to description of the complex of “anomalous formations” in volcanogenic rocks. The formations include local manifestations of high-magnesium and subalkaline basalt lavas among flood basalts, exotic manifestations of flows of komatiite-like rocks and magnetite lavas and tuff paleovolcanoes, the belt of numerous dykes of varying composition, diatremes with sulfide and magnetite ores, calderas with beds of limestone and anhydrites, as well as manifestations of native copper and bitumen in volcanogenic rocks. In Sect. 2.16, the large-scale flood basalt eruptions of the Siberian Platform are discussed.


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