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Energy dependence of \({\bar{K}N}\) interaction in nuclear medium

  • Aleš CieplýEmail author
Conference paper


When the \(\bar{K}N\) system is submerged in nuclear medium the \(\bar{K}N\) scattering amplitude and the final state branching ratios exhibit a strong energy dependence when going to energies below the \(\bar{K}N\) threshold. A sharp increase of \(\bar{K}N\) attraction below the \(\bar{K}N\) threshold provides a link between shallow \(\bar{K}\)-nuclear potentials based on the chiral \(\bar{K}N\) amplitude evaluated at threshold and the deep phenomenological optical potentials obtained in fits to kaonic atoms data. We show the energy dependence of the in-medium K  −  p amplitude and demonstrate the impact of energy dependent branching ratios on the Λ-hypernuclear production rates.


Kaon-nucleon amplitude Nuclear medium Hypernuclei 


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  1. 1.Nuclear Physics InstituteŘežCzech Republic

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