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Neutral kaon production in p\(+\)p and p\(+\)Nb collisions

  • Jia-Chii Berger-ChenEmail author
  • Laura Fabbietti
  • Kirill Lapidus
  • for the HADES collaboration
Conference paper


The kaon nucleus (KN) interaction in dense nuclear matter is predicted to be repulsive and increasing with density. However, determined values for this potential are not yet consistent with each other (Benabderrahmane et al., Phys Rev Lett 102:182501, 2009; Agakishiev et al., Phys Rev C 82:044907, 2010; Büscher et al., Eur Phys J A 22:301–317, 2004). We analyze \(K^0_S\) mesons identified with the HADES detector in p+p and p+ 93Nb reactions at 3.5 GeV kinetic beam energy. To determine the KN potential at normal nuclear density we propose to compare the \(K^0_S\) differential distributions in p+ 93Nb and p+p collisions. High statistics of low p t -kaons (p t  < 100 MeV/c) ensure the sensitivity of our measurements to the nuclear matter effects. We present the data analysis method and first results.


Neutral kaon Cold nuclear matter Kaon nucleus potential 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jia-Chii Berger-Chen
    • 1
    Email author
  • Laura Fabbietti
    • 1
  • Kirill Lapidus
    • 1
  • for the HADES collaboration
  1. 1.Excellence Cluster UniverseTechnische Universität MünchenGarching b.Germany

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