A Role for “Omics” Technologies in Exploration of the Seed Nutritional Quality

  • Marc GallandEmail author
  • Imen Lounifi
  • Gwendal Cueff
  • Aurélie Baldy
  • Halima Morin
  • Dominique Job
  • Loïc Rajjou


In the next 20 years, the world population is expected to reach a total of 8.3 billion people. Agriculture will have to produce sufficient food knowing that presently and globally agricultural production nearly matches world consumption. Yet, malnutrition is not only a matter of food amount but also concerns food nutritional quality. In particular, the nutritional value and quality of seeds should be improved to alleviate malnutrition and provide a well-balance diet. Progress in seed biology has considerably benefited from the rise in the last decade of the two model plants Arabidopsis and rice. Along with their genome sequences obtained respectively in 2000 for Arabidopsis and in 2005 for rice, functional genomics became possible because of the rapid development of their mutant libraries, full-length cDNA libraries, stock centers, web-accessible databases, and information portals, such as TAIR (The Arabidopsis Information Resource). Then, the development of high-throughput technological breakthroughs (e.g. DNA and protein array, mass spectrometry) helped to survey the omics state (transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome) of seeds at different developmental and environmental conditions. These approaches fuel candidate genes for seed quality (composition, germination vigor and capacity, good resistance to stress, etc.) that can be confirmed using functional genomics resources. Finally, exploitation of the confirmed candidate genes by plant breeders should improve seed nutritional quality and yield. In this chapter, we discuss how global “omics” technologies can help to find new candidate genes relevant for improvement of seed nutritional quality. Examples of omics application in unraveling the rice seed biology are particularly discussed.


Metabolomics Nutrition Proteomics Rice Seed Transcriptomics 



This work was supported by the French Ministry for the Economy, Industry, and Employment (Ph.D. thesis support to ImenLounifi and post-doctoral position support to Dr. Marc Galland) in the frame of the Nutrice project.


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