Low-Grade Glioma in Children: Effects of Radiotherapy

  • Erin S. Murphy
  • Thomas E. Merchant
Part of the Pediatric Cancer book series (PECA, volume 3)


Low-grade gliomas are a heterogeneous group of tumors that overall have a better prognosis than WHO grade III and IV tumors. However, these tumors can devastate a child because of progression in proximity to critical structures, or the long-term consequences of therapy. Observation after complete surgical resection is standard of care. Tumors may demonstrate an indolent natural history after incomplete resection, but progression-free survival at 5 years is only 56%. The choice of treatment remains controversial, particularly for younger children because of the anticipated adverse effects of therapy including neurocognitive dysfunction, endocrinopathy, hearing loss, vasculopathy, and malignant transformation. Advances in radiotherapy and thoughtful planning techniques seek to minimize these long-term sequelae and maintain a good quality of life for children with low-grade gliomas.


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