Phase Change Memory and Chalcogenide Materials for Neuromorphic Applications: Emphasis on Synaptic Plasticity

  • Manan Suri
  • Barbara DeSalvo
Part of the Springer Series in Cognitive and Neural Systems book series (SSCNS, volume 4)


In this chapter we review some basic concepts related to Phase Change Memory (PCM) technology and physics. We discuss recent research encompassing the study of PCM devices and chalcogenide materials for neuromorphic applications. We demonstrate the use of PCM devices for emulating specific functions of a biological synapse, such as synaptic potentiation, synaptic depression and spike-time dependent plasticity (STDP). Throughout the discussion, we emphasize on factors such as materials and programming schemes, important for realizing PCM based large-scale neuromorphic systems.


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The authors would like to specially thank Christian Gamrat, Olivier Bichler, and Damien Quileroz for collaborating on the work described in Sec.  10.4. Dominique Vuillaume, Luca Perniola, Veronique Sousa, and Ludovic Poupinet for fruitful discussions.


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