Software Architecture

  • Richard Doornbos
  • Sjir van Loo
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Specific models of the software architecture are required to predict the behaviour of a system. Unfortunately, only a limited number of accurate models are available, and no generally accepted modelling paradigms exist for many of the relevant aspects (especially for run-time execution and threading). One of the aspects considered problematic in the electron microscope system investigated was the large amount of threads created at run-time. The system was reverse engineered to model the thread usage, with the goal to reduce this amount significantly. This chapter describes the development of a modelling approach for this purpose, starting from the well-known viewpoint approach. Furthermore, it describes the application of this method to the electron microscope and a software system for validating the suitability of the approach.


Software architecture Modelling Concurrency Parallelism Architectural viewpoint Thread pool Performance bottleneck 


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