DMG-Lib – An Open Access Digital Library as an Exploration Tool for Historians and Engineers

  • Torsten Brix
  • Rike Brecht
  • Veit Henkel
  • Michael Reeßing
Part of the History of Mechanism and Machine Science book series (HMMS, volume 15)


End of 2010 the EU started the European project thinkMOTION, whose main goal is the Internet-based providing of information on motion systems for a wide range of users. The content to be collected within the project ranges from historical resources to the latest research results. In doing so, various information sources, such as books, patents, articles, physical models, etc., are digitized, processed and published on the Internet in form of text documents, images, interactive animations, videos, and formalized descriptions of design solutions. From a technical point of view the work in the thinkMOTION project is based on the results of the now established Digital Mechanism and Gear Library (www.dmg The proven DMG-Lib workflow and the proven DMG-Lib tools were adapted to the requirements of a distributed working on European level. The resulting content of thinkMOTION are collected on the DMG-Lib platform and presented in different ways. It is important that the DMG-Lib content will be accessible through the Europeana portal, which already includes as the central European Metaportal millions of digitized objects. Besides a brief introduction to the thinkMOTION project, the following sections focus on key aspects of the used workflow, the rights clarification, the creating of a work environment for library users and the issue of searching/browsing as well as multilingualism.


Digital Library Motion System Semantic Network Intellectual Property Right Exploration Tool 
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  • Rike Brecht
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  • Veit Henkel
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  • Michael Reeßing
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