An Overview of ‘3d’ and ‘4f’ Metal Ions: Sorption Study with Phenolic Resins

  • J. D. Joshi


Day by day, society is in need of a variety of materials. Therefore, different types of new materials are required to fulfil the demand of the society. For the synthesis of desired material, various new processes are established, and modifications are made in old processes.

Nowadays, society is very conscious about environment-friendly relationships in atmosphere and climate change; hence, any required change in old processes and for establishing a new one with utmost care is necessary. Chemistry is playing a vital role in daily life. Various chemical industries discharge waste in the form of solid, liquid and gaseous state.

The recovery of the material from the discharge of the waste is a very difficult task, but it is necessary to remove the toxic materials from the waste.

In this chapter, the role of the absorbing material is discussed specially for ‘3d’ and ‘4f’ metal ions. Phenol-based resins can be effectively used as ion exchangers to remove metals ions from the discharge of the industries. The efficiency of the resins has been studied at various pH concentrations, time and with different electrolytes.


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