Critical Voices in Teacher Education pp 211-221

Part of the Explorations of Educational Purpose book series (EXEP, volume 22)

Performing ‘Hope’: Authentic Story, Change and Transformation in Teacher Education



This chapter describes the processes used to develop a collaborative project where the arts are used to both enquire into and express student’s lives in performative ways. It considers issues of identity and culture in the context of education, where pre-service teachers increasingly encounter enforced emphases on specific knowledge and where young people struggle to see a place for them. These collaborative performative processes strengthen communities, build trust, social and cultural capital, and build capacity within those who participate. The project provides a model of inclusivity for those who are rarely heard in contrast to those always heard. Drawing together person, context and content in performative ways allows opportunity for students to ‘see things as if they could be otherwise’ through issues that engage, stories that matter, and a deep understanding that flows from a pedagogy of making, thinking, feeling and creating as selves are made and remade.

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