Biocatalytic Reactions in Ionic Liquid Media

  • A. P. de los Ríos
  • F. J. Hernández-Fernández
  • L. J. Lozano
  • C. Godínez


Ionic liquids hold potential as green solvents because of their lack of vapour pressure, and are opening up a burgeoning new field of nonaqueous enzymo­logy. Remarkable results with respect to yield, enantioselectivity or enzyme stability have been observed using ionic liquids as reaction media, as compared to those observed in conventional organic solvents. In this work, a detailed and comprehensive revision of the versatility of ionic liquids as environmentally friendly green solvents for various biochemical transformations is presented.


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This work was partially supported by the MICINN ENE2010-18687 and SENECA Foundation 15260/PI/10 grants.


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  • F. J. Hernández-Fernández
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  • L. J. Lozano
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