Mendelist-Morganists and Michurinism

  • William deJong-Lambert
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In 1927 a grain crisis and the drive to industrialize in the Soviet Union led to war on the peasantry. As collectivization continued, kulaks were deported, exiled, arrested, and shot in a frenzied campaign that was only moderated once Stalin declared “dizziness from success.” The assault was soon renewed as the Communist Party set production quotas far above what was possible, and requisitioned grain from starving peasants. By the early 1930s famine in the Ukrainian breadbasket was so severe that the sight of victims dropping dead on the street from hunger ceased to provoke notice. Cannibalism was so widespread that signs had to be posted admonishing: “Eating ones own children is an act of barbarity.” Meanwhile, the Soviet government asked biologists what their science had to offer for increasing agricultural productivity. This was the environment in which Trofim Denisovich Lysenko began his career.


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