Considerations upon the Influence of Manufacturing and Assembly Errors on the Kinematic and Dynamic Behavior in a Flight Simulator Stewart-Gough Platform

  • A. Pisla
  • T. Itul
  • D. PislaEmail author
  • A. Szilaghyi
Conference paper
Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 3)


The paper presents a new approach concerning the accuracy of a dynamic flight simulator behavior by considering the influence of the manufacturing and assembling errors on the kinematics and dynamics of a Stewart-Gough platform. The obtained models offer the possibility of a complex study of the parallel structure in order to evaluate the kinematic and dynamic behaviors and to generate the control algorithms for an appropriate digital immersion. Using a numerical simulation the diagrams due to the manufacturing errors are computed and represented.


Flight simulator Kinematics Dynamics Manufacturing and assembling errors analysis 



This research activity continues the initial one financed from the research grants awarded by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, 120/2006.


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