A Career in the History of Science as a Student of Charles Gillispie

  • Seymour H. Mauskopf
Part of the Archimedes book series (ARIM, volume 30)


Almost fifty years ago to the day, I began my graduate study in the history of science at Princeton University under the guidance of Professor Charles Coulston Gillispie. I would like to share some recollections about my graduate training at Princeton in the early 1960s and some contextualizing of this period in the more general development of the history of science in the 1950s and 1960s. Charles played a very important role in this development, both through his scholarship and his institution-building at Princeton. And, of course, he played a decisive role in my career. I shall include some reflections on his seminal book, The Edge of Objectivity, which also celebrates its fiftieth anniversary and conclude with an overview of my career as an historian of science,


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