Applications for Shape Memory Alloys in Structural and Machine Dynamics

  • Matthew P. Cartmell
  • Arkadiusz J. Żak
  • Olga A. Ganilova
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 181)


This chapter presents a review of some of the fundamental science behind applications for shape memory alloys (SMAs) in mechanical engineering structures and machines in the context of an inexhaustive review of the literature. Following this three well known literature models are considered in some detail after which a summary investigation of the effect of SMAs on the dynamics of beams and plates is given. This leads into a discussion of applications in rotor dynamics for which SMA elements are shown to have considerable uses in the modification of resonant behaviour within the rotor. The chapter concludes with further work on plates, and the concept of antagonism as a means for the approximate equalisation of heating and cooling time constants.


Shape memory alloys vibration dynamics resonance nonlinearity 


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  • Arkadiusz J. Żak
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  • Olga A. Ganilova
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