Measurement Techniques for Atmospheric Trace Species

  • Peter Warneck
  • Jonathan Williams


Gas chromatography: This is a widely used technique for the separation and analysis of different species present in a gas sample, based on the principle of selective adsorption. An inert carrier gas, taken from a storage tank, flows through (a) a valve or port for the injection of an aliquot of the sample; (b) a column packed or coated with a suitable sorbent, with which the individual compounds present in the sample interact more or less strongly so that they are separated owing to different retention times; (c) a detector producing an electric signal when a compound elutes from the column and passes through the detector.


Aerosol Particle Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Differential Mobility Analyzer Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy Optical Particle Counter 
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  • Peter Warneck
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  • Jonathan Williams
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