The Transnatural Destiny of the Soul

  • Anna-Teresa TymienieckaEmail author
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 111)


Creation, design, the Creator’s intentions, initial dispositions and regulation, individual tendencies installed by coming into existence, the role of grace in inclining without compelling, these indicate and create appetite for creative intentions, and yet does not the great game of creation imply that there is a part for the inventive? Creative freedom on the part of the creature? Contrary to Leibniz and to the voluntarist at the same time, creation has considerable margin for choices to be made in the game since the concrete can never be grasped adequately by universal schemes. Might it work out that our course overflows any scheme and even go in a different direction? The configuration of the context of human life might concur in this, so that it belongs to the great game of creation that the Creator assured for Himself surprise in the details, in marginal and yet sometimes essential factors.


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