The Constitutive Archetypes: The Image of God Emerging at the Furthest Borders of Conscious Dealings with our Primordial Condition of Contingent Existence

  • Anna-Teresa TymienieckaEmail author
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 111)


The frontier between the contingent constituent reality of Nature, the whole milieu of our temporal universe surging from the primeval source at the originating fiat that began the temporal genesis of the unfolding creation and the collective experience of mankind appears to pass through the constitutive cognitive faculties of man. No living being could have existed without a degree of the consciousness that lends purposiveness to organic Nature, otherwise a brute, formless mass organizing forms indispensable to the very unfolding and progress of life. Life even at its earliest stages is receptivity, reactivity, directedness, sensitivity. These are primitive forms of consciousness or intentional organization. Life in itself already means organization, vector, consciousness, and thus the “presentation” of elements to be selected or governed or discriminated between, and thus with the establishment of the routes of life, we have progress itself. Cognition-constitution thus appears as basically a preparatory and conducting life function, as Bergson already said, though differently, and the route of life, its genesis, consequently outlines the succession and spread of time.


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