Mindsets, Policy Design, Congruence, and Related Obstacles to Policy Implementation

  • Daniel J. AleschEmail author
  • Lucy A. Arendt
  • William J. Petak
Part of the Environmental Hazards book series (ENHA)


The mindset of the architects of a hazard mitigation policy largely dictates how they frame the problem and the subsequent policy. That, in turn, determines the approach taken to designing the subsequent legislation and the programs created by administrators and intended to implement the policy. If the problem is framed narrowly without sufficient regard to targeted organizations’ prerequisites for compliance, and without careful consideration of other systemic interfaces, diminishes the likelihood that policy implementation will result in the desired outcomes.


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  • Lucy A. Arendt
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  • William J. Petak
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  2. 2.University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA

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